Quarry Resources has specialized in importing natural stone from Mexico for over 20 years. Specialty stones include our exclusive Riviera Beige Limestone, Cantera Stone, Travertine from Mexico, and Texas Limestone.

Riviera Beige- Quarry Resources is proud to announce the latest addition to our impressive line of stones – Riviera Beige Limestone. Using the unique color, texture and veining characteristics of Riviera Beige, many of our clients have specified this stone for their projects, reflecting a wide array of personalized styles, from contemporary elegance to old world charm. And with many qualities that rival the best French and Texas limestones, Riviera Beige limestone is still surprisingly affordable.

Cantera Stone- The early European settlers of Mexico brought along many of their native traditions to their new world. One of the oldest and most revered of these traditions was that of quarrying and hand carving stone into beautiful structural and decorative architectrual features. These items were implemented into the design schemes of virtually every exquisite home and building of the time.

Travertine from Mexico- Fabrication and hand carving from Mexico along the close proximity to the United States allows us to provide Travertine quarried in Mexico at a more competitive price and better delivery schedules than Travertine from other countries.

Texas Limestone- Texas has an abundance of Limestone quarries providing a variety of colors and textures. Our office in El Paso, Texas allows for our personnel to carefully scrutinize the quarrying, fabrication, and carving process which gives our clients the best product available in Texas Limestone.